BIO ground cayenne pepper Spicebar 80g, sharpness 32,000 scovils

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Like paprika, cayenne pepper also belongs to the nightshade family. Often, the hotter paprika powder is called cayenne pepper, but in fact, the special chili variety Cayenne - Cayenne is used to produce cayenne pepper powder. Cayenne pepper has a slightly smoky, slightly bitter note and a biting spiciness. In addition to its taste properties, it also contains many healthy vitamins.

For a long time, cayenne pepper was used mainly in Indian, Indonesian and South American cuisines, now it is also widely used in European cuisine. Cayenne pepper powder can be used in curry or barbecue sauces. Spicebar offers this organic spice at the absolute highest quality.

Sharpness ~32,000 scovils

Weight 80g

Packaging metal box

Allergens: may contain mustard seeds .

Application: Indian, Indonesian, South American cuisines, curries, barbecue sauces

Country of origin: Germany

Storage Store in a cool and dry place

Bip product


Spicebar organic and ecological spices

Spicebar GmbH, Germany

Am Borsigturm 100, 13507 Berlin

A German based company, Spicebar does everything in its power to source organically grown spices that meet the highest organic certifications and taste good. Spicebar emphasizes the need to help build infrastructure in partner areas to protect traditions, people and nature. All collected spices are inspected, processed and packaged in a purpose-built factory in Berlin.

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