Rommelsbacher DA 900 un DA 1000 - augļu žāvētāji modernai virtuvei

Rommelsbacher DA 900 un DA 1000 - augļu žāvētāji modernai virtuvei

Pārtikas produktu žāvēšanai ir senas tradīcijas, kas atkal tiek atdzīvinātas mūsdienu modernajā virtuvē. Rommelsbacher DA 900 un DA 1000 dehidratatori izžāvē augļus, dārzeņus, gaļu, zivis un daudz ko citu.  Ar šīm modernajām ierīcēm senākais pārtikas konservēšanas veids kļūst vienkāršāks un, pateicoties tā plašajām pielietošnas iespējām, atrod vietu ikvienās...

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BIO adventes garšvielu kalendāri Spicebar 2022 ir klāt!

BIO advent spice calendars Spicebar 2022 are here!

They are finally here! Better, prettier and tastier than ever! If you're looking for advent calendars that provide long-lasting joy, contain fair trade organic products and have delicious added value, then these calendars will be the right choice for you. The pleasant surprises of each advent day invite...

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Berndes Enduo - premium kvalitātes pannas

How to choose a good pan

Pans are a matter of course in every kitchen. Even if the owner of the kitchen does not cook anything at home, I have never visited a kitchen where there was no pan. But which one is the best? I can only answer - it depends on what...

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GEFU Milo - universāli virtuves stikla trauki ar vākiem gatavošanai, uzglabāšanai, līdzņemšanai

Gefu MILO - use the application to communicate with your dish in the refrigerator

Gefu MILO - beautiful and universal containers for both takeaway and food storage. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, they are relatively light and convenient for a packed lunch. The steel lids with silicone seals are perfectly airtight so that lunch stays in the container and not in the...

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Gefu X-PLOSION® garšvielu dzirnaviņu dizaina sērija

Design Series of Gefu X-PLOSION® Spice Grinders

The GEFU X-PLOSION® design series sets new standards in spice grinding with thoughtfully designed spice grinders, ultra-sharp chili cutters, stylish shakers and other innovations. X-PLOSION® cookware looks impressive, fits comfortably in the hand and has an excellent range of functions. X-PLOSION®: the power of pure aroma for today's...

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Jaunā krāsu kolekcija Gefu Colour Edition

The new color collection Gefu Color Edition 2021

The 2021 summer color collection of the manufacturer Gefu is gradually returning to Latvia. This year it is particularly extensive. In light blue and raspberry red, in this year's limited edition offer, as usual, you will find salad dryers and spiralizers, small presses, small salt and pepper mills....

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Dārzeņu smalcinātājs - spirālgriezējs Gefu Spirelli

Vegetable spiralizers - for healthy food enthusiasts

Spiralizing is the art of cutting fruits and vegetables into long noodles using a spiralizer. However, if you still doubt why spiraling is necessary at all, and you do not understand why it is so popular and how to join it, if you are not sure why you...

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Gefu Primeline - premium kvalitātes virtuves piederumi

Gefu Primeline - a collection of kitchen utensils developed by designers

Do you want to refresh your kitchen interior a bit? The fastest and cheapest way to do this is to replace curtains, dishes or kitchen utensils. If you keep your kitchen utensils piled up in a drawer, it's time to make them visible and easily accessible. The same,...

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