GEFU Milo - universāli virtuves stikla trauki ar vākiem gatavošanai, uzglabāšanai, līdzņemšanai

Gefu MILO - use the application to communicate with your dish in the refrigerator

Gefu MILO - beautiful and universal containers for both takeaway and food storage. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, they are relatively light and convenient for a packed lunch. The steel lids with silicone seals are perfectly airtight so that lunch stays in the container and not in the bag. And when the cap is removed, the container with the entire lunch can be safely put in the microwave to warm up.

However, Gefu MILO dishes are not only a great solution for carrying lunch with you during the day. They can also be used to organize the fridge. Or a freezer. Because the durability of the dishes is up to -20°C, which is quite a deep winter. And each dish cover has its own QR code, which can be collected using a specially developed application (only for Android devices), which can be downloaded for free from Google Play. A great opportunity to control the contents of the refrigerator without even looking at it. On the way home, for example, run to the store for the missing carrot. The application on the phone can also be used offline.

And that's not all the wonderful Gefu MILO borosilicate glassware is suitable for. They are not only cold-resistant, but also very heat-resistant - up to +300°C. Which means they can be used not only in the microwave to heat up lunch, but also as oven baking dishes. For concoctions, for example.

One container and so many ways to use it. We call it highly versatile. In addition, Gefu MILO has many different sizes - everyone will find the most suitable format.

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