Spicebar BIO Magic Dust BBQ rubs - dry marinade XL, 500g

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BBQ dry marinade, also known as rub, is a dry seasoning mix for grilled meat. It can be used alone when marinating meat - the mixture even contains enough salt that it should not be added.

Dry marinade can also be used in other ways - it can be added to larger cuts of meat such as pork and beef roasts, but it can also be used on smaller cuts of meat.

The marinade can also be used for other meals, such as omelettes, marinating chicken and even French fries, thus making this spice mix a universal helper in the spice rack.

The marinade includes:

  1. red bell pepper
  2. Kalahari Desert Salt
  3. cane sugar
  4. mustard seeds
  5. garlic powder
  6. onion powder
  7. ground black pepper
  8. rosemary
  9. oregano
  10. leeks
  11. ginger
  12. habanero chili powder

This marinade powder is part of the Spicebar MasterXL series - its packaging is designed for the needs of professional chefs. The box is of a specially selected size and shape for ease of use and for it to take up as little space as possible in the spice rack.

Bip product

Weight 500g

Packed in a box

Allergens: May contain mustard seeds.

Application: Asian cuisine, Indian cuisine, European cuisine, vegetable dishes, meat dishes, poultry dishes

Taste: rich, spicy

Consistency: powder


Spicebar GmbH, Germany

A German based company, Spicebar does everything in its power to source organically grown spices that meet the highest organic certifications and taste good. Spicebar emphasizes the need to help build infrastructure in partner areas to protect traditions, people and nature. All collected spices are inspected, processed and packaged in a purpose-built factory in Berlin.

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