Porcelain tableware set for children Wizard, The Hobgoblin Moomin by Arabia

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Dish set with the Wizard and his panther from Moomin Valley . It is beautifully illustrated by Tūve Slotte and the illustration can be seen in the original book "Finn Family Moomintroll" by Tūve Jansones, in the Latvian translation under the title "The Magic Hat".

At the edge of the world, on the very top of the highest mountain, lies the Wizard's House. No windows or doors, as the Wizard returns home by air on a black panther. At night, the Wizard rides around and collects rubies - in huge piles they are dumped on the floor and embedded in the walls of the Wizard's house, and the clouds that float over the Wizard's house are blood red from the reflection of the rubies.

The magician's dream is to find the Ruby King, as big as a panther's head and as bright as fiery lava. The wizard has traveled all the planets, including Neptune, but has found nothing.

The set includes:

  • cup with a volume of 300 ml;
  • lunch plate with a diameter of 19cm;
  • bowl with a diameter of 15 cm, height of the sides 5.4 cm.


Wrapped in paper, each container separately

The dishes are made of vitro-porcelain, suitable for use in the microwave oven, and are also dishwasher safe.

All mugs, bowls and plates in the Arabia Moomin Classic tableware collection illustrate the Moomin Valley characters front and back. The illustrations for the collection were created by the artist Tove Slotte, who draws inspiration from the original drawings of Tuve Jansones, while the form was designed by Kajs Franks.


Arabia, Finland

Arabia tableware is one of Finland's oldest and most loved brands. For more than 140 years, Arabia has been an integral part of Finnish life, both on holidays and in everyday life. From generation to generation, Arabia dishes bring people together to enjoy good food in good company.

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