Gefu Primeline - premium kvalitātes virtuves piederumi

Gefu Primeline - a collection of kitchen utensils developed by designers

Do you want to refresh your kitchen interior a bit? The fastest and cheapest way to do this is to replace curtains, dishes or kitchen utensils.

If you keep your kitchen utensils piled up in a drawer, it's time to make them visible and easily accessible. The same, neat, well-made kitchen utensils, displayed on the bar - it is not only beautiful, but also practical. Gefu Primeline - a first-class collection of kitchen utensils, which includes all the tools used in the kitchen. And, unlike ready-made sets, you can choose which of them to buy, because each one is available separately.

By placing kitchen utensils on the bar, you get not only appearance, but also convenient accessibility and an organized cooking area.

The range of Gefu Primeline kitchen utensils includes both ladles and pan spatulas, foam and sauce spoons, various graters and meat mallets, can openers, peelers and cheese knives. Do you like ice cream? You will also find an ice cream scoop in the Primeline accessories collection.

Why choose Gefu Primeline kitchen utensils - they are made of first-class stainless steel, ergonomic, dishwasher safe, with a wide selection of options to buy only the necessary accessories. If there is not enough space on one slat, the Gefu Smarline slats can be neatly arranged one after the other in a row. And, just as well, you can place individual slats in different places - so that the necessary tools are easily accessible exactly where you need them. We have also thought about hanging utensils - all Gefu Primeline kitchen utensils have a hanging loop in the stem and are ideal for hanging on Gefu Smartline hooks.

And coming back to the interior design, this kitchenware collection was developed by the well-known designer company Invivo industrial design, whose performance is regularly highly appreciated and recognized all over the world.

Gefu Primeline kitchen accessories will fit well into a modern and Scandinavian-style kitchen.

Premium class kitchen utensils Gefu Primeline